Tui Fantail (Piwakawaka) Wood pigeon (Kereru)


There are many native birds which inhabit the Reserve. Some likely to be encountered on a gentle stroll through bush paths and gardens are Tuis, Kereru [wood pigeon], Grey Warbler, Morepork, Fantails, Bellbirds, Wax Eys and the kingfisher.

Other birds seen are blackbird, blue heron, chaffinch, goldfinch, harrier hawk, magpie, starling, swallows, sparrow, thrush, starling, yellowhammer.

There are other animals not so welcome at the reserve. These include rabbits, opossums, stoats, wild cats and rats. These animals endanger the bush as well as birdlife. A programme to rid the reserve of opossums and other pests commenced in early 2003. Dogs are not allowed on the reserve.

Kowhai Magnolia Agapanthus


The Management Plan prepared by Department of Survey in 1979 records 107 native plant species natural to the area, evident in the Reserve. There are 31 trees species, and 26 different ferns.

Native trees found in the bush gully are Totara, titoki, mahoe, kanuka, Pukatea, tawa, matai, rimu and a few giant kahikatea [one of these located near the middle of the bush gully is estimated to be up to 1000 years old].

Ormond Wilson also introduced numerous exotics to the reserve such as Magnolia's, Dawn Redwood, Dove Trees.