As the seasons change Mt Lees presents many different faces.


The reserve is filled with flowering blue and white Nil Lilly (Agapanthus). These are more evident near the parking area. Magnolia Grandiflora and Purple Wreath can also be seen.


Daffodils near homestead
There is flowering in large amounts throughout the Reserve. These months are usually suitable for picnics under the large trees and in the daffodil paddock, in front of the homestead.


Autumn is spectacular as the exotic trees prepare to shed their leaves, such as the giant oak trees at the entrance to the reserve. There are Naked Ladies flowering.


Giant Kahikatea in Autumn
Autumn foliage is usually at its best this month.


Maidenhair Leaf
The last but usually very spectacular tree to colour is the Maidenhair tree, (Gingko Bioloba) whose leaves turn to golden yellow, usually early in the month.


There is a large bank of Red hot Pokers.


Spring offers visitors one of the notable attractions of Mt Lees with flowering daffodils in the large paddock in front of the homestead. There are also impressive displays of Magnolia flowers, Plum blossom trees and carpets of forget-me-nots.


Michelia Doltsopa and Daffodils are usually at their best. There are some later varieties of daffodils till the end of September. There are also Cherry blossums and Honesty.


Dove tree
This is the best time to see the Primulas, Honesty, Cinerarias and the Dove or Handkerchief Trees in Flower. There are new leaves on the deciduous trees. There are also Azaleas, Cinararis, Fox gloves.


The giant Himalayan Lily flower is at its perfumed best.