Public Reserve

Facilities & Bushwalk

The Reserve, one for all seasons with its many changing faces, is open to the public seven days a week from 9am to 5pm. There is no charge but donations are gratefully accepted.

As well as the bush walk & gardens there are a number of facilities available in the Reserve including: picnic areas, children's play area, toilets, tennis court, summerhouse, orienteering, morning & afternoon teas and accommodation & function areas in the homestead.

Bush Walk


The sheltered bush walk, has one main trail that loops the bush gully with a few side trails. The loop is approximately 1.8km long, generally flat apart from the short climb out of the bush gully. A gentle stroll around the reserve should take 20-25 minutes or allow a hour for a full exploration. Short cuts can be made at various parts of the main track. The track is an all weather gravel track suitable for baby buggies. There are a number of places to rest or picnic along the track which include seats. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Wildlife and Flora

Kowhai Kowhai

There are numerous wildlife and flora found on the Reserve. Many Tuis are found feeding on the various nectar trees, both native and exotic. The most distinctive tree growing within the bush gully is a majestic 1000 year old Kahikatea (white pine).

Nature trail

The Nature Trail starts on the drive in front of the house. To find the Nature Trial Points, follow the bushwalk and look for numbered wooden posts set into the ground. The trail points are in order from 1 to 20. A number of the trees featured in the nature trail are labelled. Information booklets are available at the start to the track.

Picnic Areas


Are located at various parts of the reserve. These include the open space area adjacent to the parking area [most popular], clearings throughout the bush walk and lawn in front of the Summerhouse.


This consists of two small buildings adjacent to the tennis court. One of the buildings has a small kitchen, which consists of an old sink bench and some utensils. Seats as well as some tables are available to be used. The summerhouse is suitable for small groups of up to 30 people. Past uses of the Summerhouse[s] include weddings, family reunions & picnics, social club, school groups, barbecues, church services or casual use. Bookings of the Summerhouse is essential. Book here or contact the Council (06) 323 0000.



Provides for comfortable accommodation as well as small functions and meetings. Refer Accommodation & Functions pages for more details. Please contact either by email or by telephone (06) 329 3938.

Morning & Afternoon Teas

Teas are provided on the weekend to small groups on request. Teas can be provided either in the Summerhouse or outside beside the homestead overlooking a peaceful part of the reserve. Please contact either by email or by telephone (646) 329 3938.

Childrens Play Area

This consists, at this point of time, a plastic slide and is located near the parking area.

Tennis Court

A grass court is available during summer months. Tennis racquets are available for a small hireage fee from the leasee at the homestead.


An all weather [gravel], sheltered, parking area is available at the north eastern part of the reserve.


A clean flushing toilet block with a separate division for male & female is located near the parking area.

Health and Safety

Small Children

There are several deep drains along the walk and deep ponds nearby. Young children should be watched at all time.


No dogs are permitted on the Reserve.


Cyclists are not permitted within the bush walk.